Foreign Minister's Commendation to Dr Peter Hendriks and Dr Carol Hayes

On 6th October, Ambassador Sumio Kusaka presented the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation to Dr Peter Hendriks (Deputy Dean of Students at the ANU) and Dr Carol Hayes (Deputy Director of the ANU Japan Institute) at his official residence.

Peter and Carol have contributed to developing Japanese studies in Australia and promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Australia for many years. It is in recognition of such efforts and that the decision was made to award this Commendation to Peter and Carol in honour of the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Basic Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation between Australia and Japan.

At the ceremony, both Peter and Carol said that they were honoured to have received this Commendation, and expressed their appreciation to their family and friends. They also expressed that they would continue contributing to the relationship between Japan and Australia, including the education of future generations.

Dr Peter Hendriks and Mrs Hendriks
Dr Carol Hayes and her family