Opening Reception for the Hungarians Exploring the Orient Exhibition co-hosted by Ambassador Kusaka

On 14th July, Ambassador Kusaka and Mrs Kusaka co-hosted the opening reception for the Hungarians Exploring the Orient exhibition at the Embassy of Hungary where the Embassy of Japan joined as co-organiser.

The exhibition displays large panels of collections by Hungarian researchers who travelled and explored Asia including Japan, the Middle East and Northern Africa from the 19th century to the early 20th century.

At the opening ceremony, along with Hungarian Ambassador’s speech, Ambassador Kusaka said that Japan and Hungary’s friendship has continued to foster mutual understanding to this very day and today the two cultures converge here in Australia, a melting pot of cultures and peoples.

There were cultural performances from both countries including a Hungarian dance, Koto performance by Embassy staff member Sumie Davies and a judo demonstration by Embassy staff member and multiple time national champion Moe Sakio, as well as an Australian Olympian and a multiple time national champion. The guests enjoyed the performances which provided the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the two cultures.

Ambassador Kusaka and Mrs Kusaka
welcoming guests with Ambassador Gruber
Ambassador Kusaka's speech

               Ambassador Gruber's speech           

Hungarian dance

Koto performance by Mrs Sumie Davies

Judo demonstration by Mrs Narelle Hill, Mr Matthew Hill and Ms Moe Sakio
Exhibition at the Embassy of Hungary