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Embassy and School Visits

Would your school like to visit the Embassy of Japan?

Would you like us to arrange a visit to your school?

We accept Embassy and School visit requests 2-3 months before the desired visit date (Please note: visit dates are subject to availability)

Embassy Visits

Visitors are introduced to the information and cultural centre, and are introduced to a Japanese cultural experience which includes a presentation, a DVD, displays of Japanese food (plastic), toys, and dolls, and a visit to the Japanese Garden at the Ambassador's Residence.

To apply, please download this PDF form and email it to

Due to the size of the facility, Embassy visit groups must be no larger than 50 people. We also require a name list of all attending students and teachers prior to the visit date.

School Visits

When we visit your school, we will bring cultural items such as toys, clothing, displays of Japanese food (plastic) so that students and teachers will be able to have a hands on experience during the presentation.

To apply, please download this PDF form and email it to