Ambassador's attendance at the Montevideo Maru Commemoration Dinner

Ambassador and Prime Minister Albanese
Ambassador with Mr and Mrs Mullen
On 27 November, Ambassador Kazuhiro SUZUKI was invited as a guest of honour to attend the Montevideo Maru Commemoration Dinner held by the Silentworld Foundation at the Australian War Memorial.
The Montevideo Maru was attacked and sunk in 1942 while transporting prisoners of war, most of whom were Australian, and more than 1,000 people perished. In April this year, 81 years after the sinking, Silentworld Foundation announced that the vessel had been discovered on the seafloor at a depth of approximately 4,000 meters off the northwest coast of the Philippine Islands.
Ambassador Suzuki discussed matters including the Australia-Japan relationship with the Founders and Directors of the Silentworld Foundation, John and Jacqui Mullen, as well as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Chief of Army Lieutenant General Simon Stuart, Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Mark Hammond, and others who were present at the dinner.
Address by Prime Minister Albanese
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