VISA and Consular Information


COVID-19 Related Travel Information and Restrictions

All visas issued by our office prior to 12/2 which have not yet been used to enter Japan cannot be used to newly enter Japan until at least 31/12/2021.
Except for visas "As Spouse, Child of Japanese", "As Spouse of Permanent Resident" and 
"As Diplomat" for long-term stays. Short term visas are not included in this exemption.

For more details on the new entry measures please see here (Ministry of Foreign Affairs link).   

Current procedure of entry into Japan (PCR Test Certificate, Visa Application) (Updated 30/11/2021)

Visa Application Information for Spouses/Children of Japanese Citizens/Permanent Residents & other special cases (Updated 30/11/2021)

Visa Application Procedure for CoE holders and short-term business travel with screening certificate (PAUSED) (30/11/2021)

Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (restricted entry countries) (Updated 30/11/2021)

Information related to COVID-19 from the Immigration Services Agency of Japan (CoE, re-entry permit, etc.) (Japanese)

New Measures for Border Enforcement (Updated 05/11/2021)

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