Police Certificate


1. Reason for Acquisition

A Police Certificate from the Japan National Police Agency will be issued only when it is required by a foreign government or agency. The Certificate may be used for certain official purposes, including an application for Australian citizenship, permanent residency, or an Australian resident visa. 

To avoid delays and having to reapply due to lapsed police certificates, we request that you apply for the police check after commencing the visa/citizenship (etc.) application, and provide proof of such. 

Applicants who wish to apply for the Certificate for any reason other than mentioned above need to contact the Embassy at (02) 6273 3244 or email us at consular@cb.mofa.go.jp for eligibility and the appropriate application procedure.

Only applicants who live in the ACT can apply at the Embassy. If you live outside of Canberra, please contact the Consulate appropriate to you for further application advice.

2. Required Documents

i. One completed application form, which is available at the Embassy.
ii. Your valid passport
iii. Additional documents as requested

3. Application Hours

Please call the Embassy at (02) 6273 3244 or email us at consular@cb.mofa.go.jpto make an appointment.
Applicants must come to the Embassy in person to have their fingerprints taken.
We will give you an appointment time between 9:30 to 11:00 or 2:00 to 4:00.
Our offices are open Monday to Friday, except for Australian and some Japanese public holidays.
Please check our calendar for more information. It takes at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to take your fingerprints, so please try to be on time for your appointment.

4. Processing Time

It will take approximately 2-3 months to process the Certificate. There is no priority service available. We will give you an application receipt you can present to the requesting body in the meantime. We will contact you when the police certificate is ready for collection.

5. Fee

No charge.

6. Postal Application

Postal applications are not accepted, as we need to take physical imprints of your fingerprints. Please come to the Embassy in person.