Transit Visa & Transit Information

If you will remain airside and not enter Japan (not pass through Immigration or passport control), you do not need a visa or exemption to transit. If you will enter Japan (leave the airport and/or pass through passport control) as part of your transit, please read on. 

Can I use the visa exemption scheme to enter Japan for my transit? 
Travellers with a passport from 68 countries and regions, including Australia, can use the visa exemption scheme to enter Japan for less than 90 days. If your passport is not listed, please read on for how to apply for a transit visa. 

Transit (Up to 15 days)

(Note; if you intend to see friends or stay with friends while in Japan you should apply for a Temporary Visitor Visa, not a Transit Visa; a double transit visa is possible; please contact the Embassy for further details)

The following must be submitted with the application for the visa:

1. Visa application form with passport/ID photo attached (Sample)
2. Valid passport and copy of passport photo page
4. Evidence of longer-term valid Australian visa (not tourist or visitor) (your VEVO page) 
5Itinerary with simple daily activity plan and hotel information
*Please use the "Itinerary" Template provided above.
6. Flight details (full flight ticket or booking from an accredited travel agent or airline for your trip from Australia to Japan, including visits to third countries on the way to Japan and back) 
*We are not responsible for tickets which may become unusable due to the delay or denial of a visa.
*If you are returning to your country after your trip to Japan, you don’t need to show a flight booking back to Australia. ​
*All flight bookings must have your passport name on them.
7. A current three month bank statement, with your full name, current Canberra address and current balance on it. Please bring an interim statement if your most recent bank statement is older than 1 month. *Please remember that you must have enough funds in your bank account for your flight and accommodation.
9. Copy of Student ID
10. Visa or copy of visa for the next country that you will visit after Japan.

Application for Canberra residents

Please bring the documents listed above to the Embassy between 9:00-12:00 or 14:00-16:30 during weekdays. You do not need a booking. 

If you live somewhere else in Australia, please check the website of the Japanese consulate for your area. We recommend to check ahead of time where you should apply and confirm the visa processing time. 

Further application advice:

  • Do not staple any part of your application or documents.
  • Additional documents may be required.
  • We do not offer a printing service at the Embassy if you forget documents. Please bring all the documents you will need to apply. If you are not sure that you have the correct documents to apply, please call us.
- Processing Time: The minimum processing time is 1 working week. It might take longer if additional documents are required.
- There is NO priority processing service, although we can consider humanitarian circumstances such as a family emergency. Please try to give the Embassy sufficient time to process your application.
- A Transit Visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, so applicant can apply for their visa within 3 months prior to entering Japan.
☆ Telephone assistance is available, Monday to Friday, except public holidays, from 9:00 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:00, or please email us.