Mr and Mrs Piper awarded with Foreign Minister’s Commendation

On Thursday 13 June, Ambassador Takahashi hosted a ceremony to award military historian and singer, the late Mr Robert Piper and Mrs Misako Piper, with the Foreign Minister’s Commendation for their significant contributions in the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and Australia.

Ambassador Takahashi appreciated the remarkable achievements in their study and the long lasting contributions to further underpinning the success of reconciliation between Japan and Australia from the Second World War. Mrs Piper shared the aims and the elements which led to the success of their work in her speech. Mrs Piper concluded her speech by thanking the Foreign Minister for the commendation and expressed her gratitude to her friend at the ceremony for providing advice and friendship over many years.
Ambassador Takahashi handing the Award to Mrs Piper Mrs Piper and Ambassador Takahashi
Mrs Piper making remarks Group photo of Mrs Piper, Ambassador
Takahashi and attending guests