JICA’s Emergency Relief Goods delivered to Australia

JICA’s Emergency Relief Goods, the N95 masks arrived at Sydney airport on 22nd January and has been handed over to the Government of Australia Department of Health.
On 23rd January, Deputy Head of Mission, Minister Omura visited the Chief Medical Officer for Bushfire, Professor Kelly at Department of Health in Canberra for a signing ceremony.
Professor Kelly expressed his gratitude towards the delivered goods whilst addressing that some of the masks have already been distributed to ADF personnel on the ground. Minister Omura passed on his hopes that the disastrous bushfires will soon come to an ease.
The masks will be delivered under the instructions of the Department of Health.

Secretary Arakawa (Right), Japan Airlines Sydney Airport Station Manager Mr.Kimura (Left) and
Cargo Office Leader Mr. Aoki (Middle) at Sydney airport on statement check of the goods

Signing of the Delivery and Acceptance Letter. Professor Kelly (Right), Minister Omura (Left)