Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine awarded to Mr Adam Liaw

On Friday June 10, Ambassador Kusaka and Mrs Kusaka hosted a presentation ceremony for Australia’s celebrity TV chef, Mr Adam Liaw, as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine followed by a congratulatory reception at the Ambassador’s Residence. More than one hundred guests included representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and top local restaurant, as well as diplomatic spousal groups, and Japan-related friendship organisations.

Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador has been initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan to promote Japanese food and culinary overseas. This year 13 Goodwill Ambassadors from abroad have been appointed, which include Mr Adam Liaw and Mr Hideo Dekura, food critic and Japanese cooking expert, both of whom are from Australia.

At the presentation ceremony, Ambassador Kusaka mentioned that Mr Liaw’s significant contributions lie in his ground-breaking presentation of regional Japanese cuisine in an Australian TV program which occurred before the announcement by UNESCO that  “Washoku” traditional Japanese cuisine had been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. This owes a great deal to his deep understanding of Japanese food, language and its culture.
In response to the Ambassador’s remarks, Mr Liaw delivered his speech, titled “My personal experience with Japanese cuisine” to mark the occasion. He talked about how he first experienced Japanese cuisine when he came to Japan to work, and realised the importance of seasoning after being struck by the simplicity of Japanese cooking with fresh ingredients. He went on to talk about umami and introduced simple Japanese cooking recipes using readily available ingredients in Australia.

We look forward to Mr Liaw’s continuing creation of new Japanese cooking recipes that are based on the essence of Japanese cuisine, through which we will see a deepening of exchanges between Japan and Australia using food culture.

Ambassador Kusaka presenting the award to Mr Liaw

Mr Liaw and Ambassador Kusaka

Mr Liaw giving a speech

Mr Liaw, Ambassador and Mrs Kusaka, and Ambassador's chef Mr and Mrs Noda