Current procedure of entry into Japan (PCR Test Certificate, Visa Application)


All non-Japanese entrants to Japan still require 1)valid visa and passport​ OR visa exempt passport and 2) a negative PCR test OR proof of vaccination  and should 3) be registered with Visit Japan Web, so please read on, including for information on travelling with children. It is requested that all travelers use Visit Japan Web, as it will take an extended period of time to confirm documents for those who do not use it.

1. Required Documents to enter Japan

1. Your valid visa and passport​ OR visa exempt passport. Japanese dual citizens should enter on their Japanese passport. 
2. A valid vaccine certificate OR negative PCR test certificate (see below)
3. Register with Visit Japan Web (answer the Ministry of Health questionnaire as part of registration)
4. For those who entering Japan from China Updated 9/1/2023

Visit Japan Web is a web service for smooth arrival procedure at airport. This service is for both international travelers and Japanese citizens and this can be used for Quarantine, Immigration, and Customs declaration procedures.

Questions and Troubleshooting for Visit Japan Web

If you have any issues using the service, please check the instruction manual, FAQ or contact the Digital Agency directly. (Direct email communication is available via the chatbot)

2. Overview of border measures for Japan

General Entry Requirements 

 Valid vaccination certificate (3+ shots) Pre-departure test
Questionnaire (filled out as part of Visit Japan Web)
On-arrival test Isolation
Yes Not required  Required -
*If you have been in China in the last 7 days, check here
No Required

For more details on border measures, please visit the Ministry of Health's website. Don't forget to follow mask use in community settings and other health guidelines!


Travelling with Children

Child’s age Child's vaccination status Accompanying parent or guardian’s vaccine or PCR status Pre-departure Negative PCR Certificate required for child
6 years and Over -  Under 18 years Child has 3 or more shots N/A No
Child has 2 or fewer shots Adult has Valid Vaccination Certificate (3+ shots) No

Adult does not have Valid Vaccination Certificate, travelling with pre-departure Negative PCR Certificate instead

Under 6 years Child has 2 or fewer shots N/A No

Children under 18 travelling with a fully vaccinated guardian are exempted from the vaccine requirements for entry.
They will still need complete the Ministry of Health's questionnaire via Visit Japan Web.

Please note that this exemption does not apply to children under 18 travelling by themselves; they will need to obtain a negative PCR test as below.

For further details, see page 13 of the Ministry of Health's Q & A


3. Negative PCR Test Certificate

Test Format

A medical institution should fill in this format of test certificate (Word document).

Where to get tested

Please see here for a list of medical institutions in Australia which can fill out the test certificate.

Getting Tested Elsewhere

You can also consult the test guidelines from the Ministry of Health if you wish to get tested elsewhere.

The nasal swab sample must be taken within the 72 hours before your scheduled departure time from Australia.
For example, if your flight leaves from Sydney at 9:15 on Thursday, your testing window begins at 9:15 on Monday.

For Canberra/rural residents: If you are a Canberra resident or otherwise located far away from the listed clinics, please contact one of the clinics marked "Nationwide" for a telehealth consulation. They can then direct you to a local clinic for the actual testing. 

*When entering Japan by transiting at an airport in another country, the requirements for the COVID-19 inspection certificate and inspection agency may be set separately by that airport as well. Please check the information published by the airport or the government of the country concerned.

For Children Under 6
In case the accompanying guardian does not hold a valid vaccination certificate and enters Japan with a negative certificate, preschool-aged children (under the age of 6) are not required to provide a negative certificate. Children six and older should also obtain a negative PCR certificate to enter Japan if their accompanying guardians are not fully vaccinated. 

☆ FAQ of Certificate of Testing for Entering Japan (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) and Border Measures FAQ

3b. In case of returning positive PCR test results even after recovering from COVID-19

If your PCR result is still coming back positive after recovering from COVID-19 in the last 28 days, we may be able to issue you a consular letter to enable you to enter Japan. Please contact us (for ACT residents) or your closest mission (for residents elsewhere in Australia) as soon as possible before your trip via email and provide the following: 
  1. A copy of your passport photo page and Japanese visa if applicable
  2. Your flight details
  3. A letter from your doctor or health authority (such as ACT health) confirming that you have recovered from COVID-19. (We cannot accept the PCR result of your COVID-19 diagnosis. This is a Ministry of Health requirement)
  4. A positive PCR result taken in the last two weeks, meeting MHLW guidelinestaken since you recovered from COVID-19
Minimum processing time is two days. Documents emailed after 5 pm will begin processing on the following day. 

4. Further Contacts

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Call Center (COVID-19 Border Measures)
+81 50 1751 2158 or +81 50 1741 8558
English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese (9:00-21:00 daily)

Japanese Immigration Services (residential status, re-entry permits, etc.)
+81 3 5796 7112

Japanese Immigration Services Foreign Residents Support Centre
+81 3 5363 3013

Application for Visa for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)