Current procedure of entry into Japan (PCR Test Certificate, Visa Application)


Update from June 1st: Travellers from Australia will no longer need to quarantine or be tested on arrival.
You will still need a valid visa and PCR test in the 72 hours before you enter.
Please read on for further details. 

Visa exemption measures for Australian passport holders have been paused.
Australian passport holders and travellers from Australia currently need a valid visa to enter Japan.
For details, see here.

1. Required Documents to enter Japan

1. Your valid visa and passport
2. A negative PCR test certificate (see below)
3. For more details on required documents, please see here (Ministry of Health link)

2. Negative PCR Test Certificate

A medical institution should fill in this format of test certificate (Word document).

Please see here for a list of medical institutions in Australia which can fill out the test certificate.

The nasal swab sample must be taken within the 72 hours before your scheduled departure time from Australia.
For example, if your flight leaves from Sydney at 20:00 on Thursday, your testing window begins at 20:00 on Monday.

For Canberra residents: If you are a Canberra resident or otherwise located far away from the listed clinics, please contact one of the clinics marked "Nationwide" for a telehealth consulation. They can then direct you to a local clinic for the actual testing. 

*When entering Japan by transiting at an airport in another country, the requirements for the COVID-19 inspection certificate and inspection agency may be set separately by that airport as well. Please check the information published by the airport or the government of the country concerned.

FAQ of Certificate of Testing for Entering Japan (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

3. Review on the requirements of on-arrival COVID-19 tests and home quarantine period after entry into Japan

As of June 1st, requirements to enter Japan have changed for travellers coming directly from Australia. Don't forget to follow mask use in community settings!

You may no longer need quarantine or a PCR test at the airport, so please read the following information carefully. For more details, please see the Ministry of Health.

For the full list of countries according to the red/yellow/blue system, please see this Ministry of Health link.
If you are entering Japan after visiting a country other than Australia in the past 14 days, please check the information above and contact us.

4. Use of Visit Japan Web and Fast Track (MySOS)

Use of these services is optional, however please find the information below if you would still like to pre-register your travel details for smoother entry.
  • Visit Japan Web: Pre-registration for Japanese Immigration documents and procedures
  • Fast Track: Pre-registration for Japanese quarantine documents and procedures (such as vaccine certificiates)

5. Further Contacts

MHLW COVID-19 Call Center 
+81 50 1751 2158 or +81 50 1741 8558
English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

Japanese Immigration Services (residential status, re-entry permits, etc.)
+81 3 5796 7112

Japanese Immigration Services Foreign Residents Support Centre
+81 3 5363 3013

Application for Visa for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)